The Rating and Valuation Department

The Rating and Valuation Department administers the Landlord and Tenant (Consolidation) Ordinance, Cap.7. For details of the Ordinance, please refer to the Bilingual Laws Information System at

The Landlord and Tenant (Consolidation)(Amendment) Ordinance 2004 has since 9 July 2004, removed the security of tenure provisions for domestic tenancies under Part IV of the principal Ordinance. It also removed the minimum notice requirement for termination of non-domestic tenancies under Part V of the Ordinance. Domestic and non-domestic tenancies created on or after 9 July 2004 will run their courses in accordance with their lease terms. Domestic tenancies in existence before 9 July 2004 are subject to transitional arrangements. Further information on the Amendment Ordinance is available in this website.

Rent Officers of this Department provide the public with free enquiry, assistance and mediatory services on tenancy matters. The services are provided at the Department, the Lands Tribunal and at specified time in various District Offices. Rent Officers enforces the provisions of the Ordinance relating to rent receipts and harassment of tenants as well as the transitional provisions under the Amendment Ordinance. They also issue certificates in response to applications under different Parts of the Ordinance.

Applications may be made to this Department for :

Issue of Certificate of Primary User of Premises -- For determination as to whether a tenancy is Domestic

Endorsement of Notice of New Letting or Renewal Agreement -- To be used as evidence in recovery of rent for domestic tenancies

Issue of Certificate of Rateable Value -- For determination as to whether the possession procedure under Part III or Part VI of the Ordinance is applicable to the tenancy

Issue of Certificate of Rateable Value -- For determination as to whether Part II is applicable to the tenancy, or for calculation of the amount of compensation under section 53A(4)

Rating and Valuation Department

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Please refer to the Summary Guide (pdf) on the Ordinance in this website for further information. 

Source : The Rating and Valuation Department