Viewing a Place

Searching for a right place is not easy. You may want to explore as many options as possible. You can use the bilingual search engine provided by the Property Information Online (PIO) to locate a property record easily and to obtain essential information held by the Government, such as saleable area, age and permitted occupation purposes.

When viewing a place, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Look for any water stain on the ceiling, bay windows and walls to see if there have been water leakages.
  • Inspect electrical wiring, switches, water pipes, toilets, etc. to see if they work properly.
  • Check if there are any illegal alterations to the property and seek a surveyor’s advice if necessary.
  • Enquire whether the property is occupying any common area.
  • Enquire whether furniture, electrical appliances and decoration are included in the sale of property; if yes, specify the inclusion in the agreement of sale and purchase.
  • Check who are in occupation of the property and enquire what their capacities are and whether they hold any interest in the property.

Know the surroundings of the building. If there is any slope, check the maintenance responsibility.